Mortgage Protection

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For many residents of Jack County, TX, their home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make—and their mortgage is the most important expense when the bills come due. Unfortunately, if you’re involved in an accident or pass away unexpectedly, the mortgage bill will still come due. What will your family do? At Southwest Life, we help you prepare for the worst with mortgage protection life insurance.

What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage protection life insurance protects you and your family by providing enough money to either pay off your mortgage or make your payments for a year or more when wages are lost to total disability or death. In the event you cannot pay your bills due to catastrophic loss, you’ll have peace of mind that the roof over your family’s head is safely in-place. Mortgage protection is designed to make sure home—the most important thing—isn’t affected in the event of tragedy.

Why Get Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

Mortgage payment protection insurance is an extremely affordable way to make sure the most important investment you’ll ever make—your home—is safe from hardship. Often, when Jack County, TX residents become unable to work due to debilitating injury or worse, lose their life, it becomes difficult for families to cover the bills. The biggest bill is often the mortgage, and it’s easy to fall behind. Too often, families already experiencing hardship find themselves faced with foreclosure.

Mortgage protection is your safeguard against this situation. Depending on the coverage you take out, insurance may pay the mortgage for a year or even pay off the remaining amount entirely. For many families dealing with devastating loss, this is a lifesaver that helps them find stability as they cope with the situation.

Let’s Talk About Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Home is where the heart is, and it’s where your family feels safest. Don’t let tragedy take that away from them. Chat with Southwest Life today and learn more about mortgage protection. We’re here to help you understand the best ways to protect the things that are most important to you. Contact us today at 940-229-6124 to discuss insurance options with us.