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The world of health insurance is difficult to navigate by yourself—especially for seniors. How do you apply for Medicare? Do you need general Medicare (Parts A and B) or would you benefit from Part D enrollment for prescription drug coverage? Southwest Life helps Jack County, TX residents answer these questions and more, as we navigate the Medicare enrollment process together.

Guiding You Through Medicare Enrollment

Many seniors mistakenly believe that Medicare enrollment is automatic or that there’s a single option to sign up for. The process is more involved and complex than they expect, and many times, it’s easy to make and mistake or miss out on the coverage you need. We’re here to help!

We work hand-in-hand with every person, to guide them through Medicare enrollment smoothly. The end result is the right level of coverage to meet your needs and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected with the right insurance. We’ll answer your questions and can help you consider factors you might not have thought of. Everything we do is tailored to you.

What Medicare Coverage do You Need?

When you apply for Medicare in Jack County, TX, you’ll need to consider if you need Original Medicare (Parts A and B) or if you qualify or need Parts C and D. Here’s a quick look at what’s covered by each part:

  • Part A. Hospital insurance covers most necessary inpatient medical services, as well as the cost of at-home caregiving and hospice care. It’s part of Original Medicare.
  • Part B. Medical insurance is also part of Original Medicare. It covers medically necessary doctor services, as well as lab testing, durable medical equipment and more.
  • Part C. This is Medicare Advantage, which allows private health insurance companies to provide the same benefits as Original Medicare. This is separate from Parts A and B.
  • Part D. This is coverage for prescription drugs, which relies on different formularies to create plans specific to different types of drugs and coverages.

Apply for Medicare With Confidence

What’s the best Medicare plan for you? Southwest Life can help you decide. We don’t just enroll you in Medicare, we help you understand your benefits, so you can maximize them. Reach us today at 940-229-6124 for more information about Medicare and the enrollment process.