Final Expenses

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No one likes thinking about death—unfortunately, it’s something we all face. And while it’s difficult to think about the end of your days, few people look past it, to plan ahead for their families. At Southwest Life, we specialize in final expense insurance for seniors in Jack County, TX. We help you make arrangements so that after you’re gone, your family doesn’t struggle with the financial cost of saying goodbye.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is designed to cover the bills that your loved ones will face after your death. These costs will include medical bills and funeral expenses—everything from hospital and hospice care bills to the cost of burial or cremation. Without funeral expense insurance, they’ll be forced to take on the burden of these costs out-of-pocket. With final expense insurance, these costs are mitigated or taken care of entirely, depending on your coverage.

Planning for End-of-Life Expenses

More and more, seniors have begun to pre-plan for funeral expenses. Funeral pre-planning is an important step in easing the burden of your passing. With this comes the opportunity to invest in funeral expense insurance. We highly encourage seniors or those faced with a terminal illness to recognize the burden of cost that accompanies death, and to make the smart choice in planning for it.

Final expense insurance allows your family to grieve and say goodbye, without the huge cost of a funeral hanging over them. When you consider that the average cost of today’s funeral can top $12,000 in Jack County, TX, you can bet that some of the tears shed at your memorial will be tears of joy that you had the foresight to plan ahead!

Create a Plan for Your Family

In the game of life, time is undefeated. But just because end of life is inevitable doesn’t mean you can’t plan for it and make sure your family grieves your passing with peace of mind. Chat with Southwest Life today about final expense insurance for seniors and how we can help you secure financial security, even after you’re gone. Reach us today at 940-229-6124.